What Are Ouija Board Dangers

The infamous Ouija board also known as the spirit board is typically a wooden board with the alphabet, numbers and various other symbols engraved upon it. It is often used in gatherings and parties for entertainment purposes however to the occultist and superstitious people the Ouija board is a conduit to the other side. The other side being the afterlife and according to supernatural advocates, usage of the talking board can be very dangerous to its participants. The Ouija board inherently possesses the dangers of supernatural forces in particularly to the uninformed. Quite simply the Ouija board can attract unwanted negative energy and spirits to fall upon its participants.

Talking board enthusiasts believe the board can attract unwanted negative spirits and the wrongdoers of the spirit realm. Individuals who participate in séances or use Ouija boards without any spiritual protection can be targets and are at huge risk of attracting dangerous nonhuman entities such as demons into their lives.

Essentially an Ouija board acts as a beacon of light, a portal of access for anything to come through whether invited or not into our realm in particular when used by the inexperienced. Typically once they are through they will attach themselves to the most defenseless/inexperienced person utilizing the spirit board. Seldomly ever do people who have fun with this board understand potentially they are playing with and engaging with demons. Many people believe the spirit board is an instrument by which demons/evil entities contact the living and it never turns out good when playing with demonic spirits.

What Are Ouija Board DangersBesides demonic spirits, just like humans were in life they can be evil and corrupt in the afterlife. The spirits you may contact just for fun may have been criminal’s, rapists and murderers before they died. As you can imagine inviting them to your home is not a very wise choice and by asking the spirits to prove their existence or presence by moving an object or turning on a light, you are inviting them to your home.

Making use of a Spirit board could cause psychological difficulties for individuals of a sensitive and / or nervous disposition. They will often believe themselves to be affected by negative entities. Individuals also can become obsessed with the board and dependent upon its guidance. They will often feel that they’re being guided by higher beings. This is more prone to occur to somebody who attempts to contact ghosts through the Ouija board while being alone.

The Ouija board is thought to attract spirits who dishonestly tell you they are angels, famous individuals, friends and family members who have passed away. They will claim to be dearly departed relatives of individuals participating in the séance and “request or even demand specific things to be done for them.” Individuals are often manipulated into carrying out such requests, hesitant to upset somebody they believe to be a passed away family member or friend.

  • The Ouija board is one of the most dangerous occult games to ‘play’ and has caused many people to encounter horrendous paranormal occurrences.
  • Lower astral beings can be violent and do not like residing inside their dark worlds, and will frequently seize any chance to take control of a physical body in the material world.
  • A number of paranormal researchers believe that spirits contacted by the Ouija generally reside on the lower astral plane and might be confused spirits who died an abrupt or violent death.
  • The more people fool around with the Ouija board and try to summon spirits back, the more entangled they become with the supernatural, the occult and black forces.