How to Channel Spirits With A Ouija Board

The Ouija board has been used commercially since the 1800s to channel the spirits of the dead. The majority of people at some point in their lives for various reasons contemplate about the deceased and how to contact them. Utilizing a spirit board is one well-known method individuals have claimed to have contacted the dead with. Essentially the Ouija board is a square board, which can be made of various materials and has letters, numbers and symbols written/engraved on it. Individuals ask the board questions and wait for the spirits to answer them back.

The Ouija board can be used by one person although typically it’s used by at least two people at the same time. A second person helps for various reasons, for example to ensure you’re not moving the planchette on your own, It’s most beneficial to find people who aren’t overly nervous or skeptical because this could affect your Ouija session outcome in a negative manner.

First thing you want to do is minimize all distractions, turn off the television, radio, computer, bright lights and anything else that will make any type of noise or disturbance. If only two people are playing the Ouija board, for the best outcome place the board on your laps as you face each other. According to various practitioners, placing the board on your lap instead of the floor or table is supposed to increase the chances of contacting a spirit also using the board at night is best because there is less intrusion from outside disturbances.

Even though anyone can ask a question, it’s a good idea to have a lead person in charge of asking most of the questions. Now simply place your fingers lightly on the planchette and have you partner do the same. Now announce yourself to the spirits and at this point it would be a good idea to invite only benevolent entities to come forth.

How to Channel Spirits With A Ouija BoardCommence with simple questions, questions that require a yes or no answer. Give the spirits time to answer them and always be considerate. Sometimes answers will come quick and sometimes not at all. Whether you’re believer in the supernatural or not, the Ouija is not a phone and there isn’t always a connection when you want it. Be careful with your line of questioning; don’t ask questions you really don’t want answered. Don’t believe everything the Ouija board tells you, you really don’t know what type of spirit/entity you’re communicating with.

If the answers you receive become rude or vulgar it’s best to end your session. It’s not a good idea to ask for physical signs; you may not like what you see. Always play with the Ouija board with clear and sober mind, you’ll get better results and it’s also safer. Remember if for any reason at all you become uncomfortable with the spirits you’re communicating with close the Ouija board immediately. Continue asking questions until you are satisfied or until the planchette stops moving completely. When you’re done playing with the Ouija board, close the board and say goodbye. Closing the board and placing it away is very imperative. It allows the spirits to vacate, and closes the doorway between the spirit world and ours.