How To Discard Ouija Boards Safely

Ouija boards, which are also referred to as talking boards or witch boards, are board games that allow the users and spirits to communicate. Believers in the paranormal use these boards to converse with spirits and ghosts and to communicate with those in other dimensions. Relatives, friends, and other people who passed on usually make their presence known as the game continues and the players are able to ask the spirits questions. This is very useful information to know when helping someone who is desperate for some form of truth or comfort.

The purpose of the board is to allow us to know what our loved ones and friends are saying and hear from them when they can’t be with us in person. If you have a deep desire to communicate with a deceased loved one, this game is a great way to make the connection. As you read through this article, consider how you might be able to use this game with your family and friends; you may very well be surprised at what you learn.  The Ouija board is a game that is being played by thousands in the US alone. This game is very popular with students, teens, and college students.

These boards have the letters of the alphabet printed on them; the words “no” and “yes”; and the numbers zero through to nine. Some people may want to dispose of the board after playing the game due to the ghosts and spirits they encountered as they played. However, it is believed that improperly disposing of the board will cause the spirits to be released, and they will haunt the game’s players forever. It is therefore imperative to ensure that you correctly discard the board.

Here are several proven ways you can properly dispose of your Ouija board:

How To Discard Ouija Boards Safely1) Take sea salt and sprinkle it on the board. Ensure you cover the board thoroughly using the salt and proceed to leave it for one to two days. The salt will lock energy and also absorb any excess energy that might be residing on the board. Brush off the salt into the trash after the set period and bury the board into the ground. Dig a hole that will snugly fit the board which should be about one to two feet deep, then bury the board and cover it thoroughly using dirt.

2) Cut the Ouija board into 7 different pieces and proceed to bury them. The number 7 is a symbolic Christian number. The pieces should each be buried separately and you must ensure you sprinkle holy water on them before and after burying them. It is believed that the spirits are released when you break the board, and that future use of the board is impossible once the pieces are buried.

3) Place the Ouija board at the front of a religious building like a church, mosque or temple. The spiritual leader will then cleanse and get rid of the board in a responsible way.

4) Return it to the place you got it from. If you still have your receipt from your purchase as well as the original packaging it came in, you can contact the company or store and find out whether it is possible to get a refund of cash or in kind.

5) Donate the Ouija board to a local charity or a thrift store. This way, someone else who is not superstitious about the board will be able to pick up for a good price.

6) You can also sell the board at an online auction site. Its price will depend on its age and condition.

7) If you are not superstitious, you can throw the board in the trash.

All these are various ways through which you can properly dispose an Ouija board. One thing that those experienced in paranormal phenomena recommend is that you should never burn an Ouija board. It is believed that the spirits attached to the board will become very offended, scream as the board burns, and haunt you for as long as you live.