Ouija Board Rules

The Ouija board was introduced in the mid-1800s as a parlor game and quickly developed into a mysterious gateway into the spiritual world on the other side of humanity, in a totally unknown realm. The board consists of letters, numbers and symbols, along with a pointer known as a planchette, believed to be guided by the contacted spirit for communication purposes.

The three main principles governing real estate investments are location, location, and location. The three main Ouija board rules are never play by yourself, never ever play alone, and never use the board when alone. Aside from that, the general guidelines can vary from situation to situation or from one person to another. Superstitions rule as many consider the Ouija board to be dangerous and terrifying. Not properly controlled, it is said to have the ability to unleash unfathomable daemons and spirits that can occupy our space. Paranormal activities in homes have also been blamed on the spirit board, and some people have been known to use it as a sounding board for regular life decision making.

Ouija board rules do’s:

Ouija Board RulesOuija Board Rules: A male and female pair is preferred to gently rest two to four fingers on the planchette, allowing for easy movement. A third person in the room, removed from the Ouija board, is recommended for note taking or observation. Electronic recording devices are not advised. As a matter of fact, many practitioners believe that all electric and electronic devices within the room should be turned off as electronic signals may interfere with spirit energy.

  • A silver coin should be placed on the board. Silver is widely believed to have the physical ability to ward off evil spirits.
  • Only one question should be asked by the person designated to ask questions at any point in time, and then allow some time for the planchette to respond.
  • Ask for the name of the spirit to further smooth the communication process if the spirit you wish to contact does not respond. It has been reported that, at times, multiple spirits may try to come through. The best approach in that case is to terminate the session and start over.
  • Always terminate the Ouija session by saying goodbye, as it is firmly believed that this is the only practical manner the Ouija board can be “turned off”. Immediate termination is fully suggested if the spirit demonstrates aggression.
  • Respect toward the spirit should also be projected, and upsetting the spirit is strongly discouraged.

Ouija board rules don’ts:

  • Never mention God under any circumstances, as spirits coming through the board are generally considered to be evil.
  • Absolute seriousness throughout the entire session is imperative, as non-believers or simple fatigue can ruin a session.
  • Always let a spirit go after they have said goodbye, do not insist on continuing the séance.
  • Do not remove your fingers from the planchette until after the spirit has said goodbye.

The protocol for talking board rules is mainly driven by the differing levels of superstition, and firmly keep in mind that spirits are not readily known for their truthfulness. Thus, beware.