How to Close A Ouija Board Session Down

Whether you’re a true believer in the supernatural or not participating in an Ouija board session comes with certain inherent responsibilities. Even though it appears to be a simple children’s board game at first glance, most practitioners would advise against children playing the Ouija board.

For those who believe in the supernatural and the occult, participating in an Ouija board session comes with its own set of rules which need to be followed. It is not just important to learn how to play the Ouija board properly, but also imperative to learn how to close down an Ouija board session correctly.

Serious practitioners of the Ouija board do not simply fold the board away, there are a set of procedures that must be followed to ensure the spirits/entities and all participants involved know that the session has truly ended. These entities will not want to leave, making it problematic to close the session down properly.

How to Close A Ouija Board Session DownFirstly decide what time you would like to end the Ouija board session beforehand and remember all participants must be in agreement. Many individuals will spell out the word goodbye on the Ouija board and or say goodbye out loud to the spirits to ensure they understand that you would like them to depart now.

Remove your fingers and the participants from the planchette ensuring that nobody is touching any part of the planchette or the spirit board any longer. Once you feel the spirits have understood place the Ouija board and planchette away.

Now, even though a cleansing ritual is not necessary to close an Ouija board session down correctly, one can be performed if it is felt to be necessary. In instances of malevolent spirits a cleansing ritual would highly recommended.

There are many ways to perform a cleansing ritual; there is no exact one way to do it. Some of the most prominent methods are sprinkling the Ouija board with sea salt and smudging it with sage, including the residence. Finally, whether you believe in the Ouija boards supernatural power or not, if you don’t really know what you’re doing its best to probably avoid it.